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Design Sprint

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Sprint Facilitators
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Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Project

Brainpoints is an app that helps users generate habits to improve their wellbeing and productivity, so they can feel better and be more efficient at work.

The Challenge

The Brainpoints team had a great idea for an app, based on complex neuroscience and psychology. Their biggest challenge was to narrow the scope of their project and create a tangible, user-friendly prototype to test.

The challenge: Turn a complex idea into a tangible, user-friendly app

The Challenge

Gabriela, neuropsychologist and founder of Brainpoints, needed to validate her idea for an app that helps people harness their strengths through habit formation.

Brainpoints asks users to complete simple, daily tasks explained in the app, so they can improve certain “points” of themselves (like creativity, leadership, teamwork, and lots more). The idea was for users to use the app at work, build habits of wellness and productivity, and grow into the best versions of themselves.

Their goal is to sell the app to big businesses who want to invest in the well-being and productivity of their employees. But how could they convince users, and investors, that the app was simple and worth using?

First, they needed a product to test. After talking to our friends atLitebox and Indicius, the Brainpoints team already knew that a Design Sprint was the way to go. They brought in Purple Bunny to help facilitate the Sprint, dream up solutions, and design a prototype that could help users become their most productive selves.

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