How we defined HPI•MS identity with a Design Sprint

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Design Sprint
Content Strategy

Our Role

Sprint Facilitators
UX & UI Design






USA / Germany

The Project

HPI·MS is a collaborative research institute. It combines the innovative health care system of Mount Sinai with the world-class engineering expertise of The Hasso Plattner Institute to promote the advancement of digital health.

The Challenge

HPI·MS needed to communicate how the collaboration between these two leading institutions positioned it as a global thought leader in digital health.

The challenge: Define and communicate the collaboration between two major institutions

The Challenge

The Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam, Germany partnered with the Mount Sinai system in New York to shape the future of digital health by creating HPI∙MS.

It established its brand identity as a research institute to serve the academic and medical field in this new digital era. One of their goals was to attract researchers from all over the world to work together in the advancement of the industry.

To make that happen, HPI∙MS needed a dynamic, user-centric website to deliver scientific content in an appealing and reliable way.

We were about to launch two main projects, so the website had to reflect the groundbreaking research on digital discovery and artificial intelligence that was taking place.

Saskia Blank

Managing Director of PR and Communications for HPI•MS.

The solution: Design and test a website in a Design Sprint.

The Solution

While our friends at Indicius created the brand’s new identity, we came on board and facilitated a Design Sprint to collaborate in the design of the new website.

Week 1-2


We kicked it off by jumping on an all-out immersion phase with theHPI·MS team. We needed to understand their current and desired future state, and the challenges at hand. This gave us the opportunity to reframe their challenges into seizable opportunities.

A series of exercises helped unify HPI∙MS's vision and direction. We voted on a two-year goal and identified the questions we wanted to get answers to by the end of the Sprint.

With laser-like focus, we decided on which solution concepts we wanted to test. Then we created the storyboard for the website prototype.


From storyboarding, we dove into prototyping. And thanks to our design team we were able to create a high-fidelity website prototype in a day.

An animator jumped on board to highlight the collaborative nature of HPI∙MS in an attractive, visual manner.

Website MockupWebsite Mockup

Week 3

User Tests

To get real answers, we needed real users. HPI·MS team hand-picked 5 target customers to test the prototype: An engineer in computer sciences, a master's student, a statistical geneticist, a grant manager, and a post-doc expert in machine learning. They road-tested the initial prototype and gave us very valuable feedback.

We scored well on the animation because it clarified the nature of the institute but lacked specific information about the research and publications.

Want to see digital health and more info on what the institute is and does.


Wike the animation, think it helps clarify the project.


Didn't think it was clear this is a research institute.


Want to see news and latest updates on what HPI∙MS is doing.


Would like to categorize the recent publications


Week 4

Iteration Sprint

Using the insights we learned from the user tests, we jumped right into iteration. Then, another workshop was run with HPI·MS to see what worked well, what didn't, and what still had to be solved. We brainstormed and voted on new solutions!





Our findings proved to be meaningful and worthwhile. Learning about our customers' reactions helped us create a new website prototype that we believed best represented the partnership between both institutions.

OSDE Full Website

The result: An engaging website that communicates the new HPI•MS identity

The Result

The Design Sprint helped HPI∙MS go onwards and upwards with its mission and goals by developing:

  • A solid brand identity as a collaborative research institute.
  • A newly designed and improved website that is user-centric and visually appealing.
  • A complete report of the decisions made, solutions tested, and users’ feedback.
  • Strategic recommendations for continuing design and content efforts.
  • A roadmap of the next steps to consider.

Working with HPI∙MS was a really valuable experience for us. Not only because it taught us the ins and outs of the medical research industry, but also because it was a chance to work side by side with researchers from different cultures that collaborate and innovate for the common good.

This process was very helpful because it pushed us to answer some specific questions that helped us define our brand and identity.

Saskia Blank

Managing Director of PR and Communications for HPI•MS.

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