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Design Sprint
Brand Story

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Sprint Facilitators
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Texas, USA

The Project

MoreHands Maid Service is in all major Texas cities. They know how to make people happy by keeping their homes sparkling clean, and they’ve been doing it for 20 years.

The Challenge

MoreHands was looking for a team to help inject life into their design and their service offering, delight customers, and improve retention. They bravely embarked on our intensive Design Sprint process with us to help create and validate some new business ideas.

The challenge: Can we communicate simplicity, while adding surprise and delight?

The Challenge

MoreHands knows cleaning. They’ve been in Texas for 20 years, and have over 2,000 recurring clients. Greg Norell, CEO, wanted to redesign the site and explore opportunities for new services to add value to people’s lives.

MoreHands had already designed a solid customer experience, using SalesForce for sending weekly reminders and day-of ETA text messages, and for storing customer preferences. However, the current site wasn’t getting customers’ attention or highlighting the things that sets MoreHands apart.

Greg had been working with the Jobs to Be Done theory and saw the site redesign as an opportunity to explore some new service offerings that could meet prospects’ needs.


This was a unique challenge in that MoreHands was open to changing their offering, not just the website. They weren’t simply looking for a new UI for an existing offering, but a new UI for services that the company doesn’t yet offer (but might, based on the results of this process).

People have tremendous emotion around their household tasks. There are a lot of problems to be fixed.

Greg Norrell

MoreHands CEO

The solution: Define the brand story and come up with innovative solutions through a Design Sprint

The Solution

This challenge was a great fit for our Design Sprint methodology, a 4-week process from start to finish that gives the space for discovery, coming up with new ideas, and proposing and testing solutions. Here’s an overview of the 4 weeks:

Week 0

Brand Story Intensive, Research, Preparation, Discovery Calls

We set up the time pre-sprint to do our brand story intensive workshop, which gives us the right amount of background to understand how MoreHands helps customers. Using the StoryBrand framework as a base, we collected input from Greg and his business partners to map out a draft of the MoreHands brand story and create some visual social media assets to put this storytelling into action.



Week 1

Design Sprint

Design Sprint are a lean UX process to ideate, create a mass of solutions, prototype one solution, and test the solution in a single week.

We made the most of the Design Sprint process to prototype a “riskier” design to test with users for MoreHands’ new hompeage and cleaning order process.

We explored using a section of “customer profiles” to share how MoreHands has helped certain demographics, and illustrate how MoreHands takes care of not just the housework, but other concerns in life.

Tack Travel
The hero shows what success looks like

We tested a new headline based on the brand story we helped MoreHands define pre-sprint. Both the image and the copy aimed to help users visualize a successful solution to their cleaning challenges.

MoreHands takes care of their staff

MoreHands’ commitment to taking care of their staff is one of their key differentiators. This design made that element prominent, to test how important this was to users.

HOw it works: 3 EASY STEPS

The simple booking process is another key differentiator, so it needed to stand out.

Customer profiles

This was a key part of the concept we were testing. We showed how MoreHands took care of different types of households through unique “profiles” where users could recognize themselves.

Natural language form

The call to action has a fill-in-the-blank natural language form that guided users to describe their household and living situation to get a price.

Authority-Building stats

20 years in the business of cleaning houses (and getting rave reviews) is no small feat. MoreHands needed to toot their own horn a little more.

CALL to action

Users can book a visit directly from the site. There’s no need to request a quote or engage in any back-and-forth communication, so we tested ways to make this apparent in the copy.


User Testing

User testing plays a key role in validating or disproving our assumptions from the Design Sprint Process. The Week 1 Sprint concludes with a full day of live user tests, with testers from our target audience: Texans who struggle with cleaning.

We use The Rainbow Spreadsheet to register results from user tests, see clear trends, and document feedback for future reference.

Thought the video was distracting


"I really care that you take care of your employees"


Were delighted by the cleaning service offering


Didn't click through all of the profiles


Wondered if the errand service was based on the time per task


Takeaways from this stage:

  • Add-ons like laundry and errands have tremendous potential for adding value.

  • Storytelling resonated with users and needed to be exploited more throughout the whole experience.

  • Users were more impressed by mentions of quality and reliability than any fancy features or extras we could dream up.

Week 2

Iteration Sprint

The Iteration Sprint is where the magic happens. Armed with all of the insights from Week 1, we conducted a 2-hour Lightning Decision Jam workshop to evaluate what worked, what didn’t, and come up with specific solutions to better serve users.


Testing Round 2

We tested the new version of the prototype with another round of users from MoreHands’ target audience.

Had an overall understanding of the add-on offers and pricing


Commented on how sanitizing light switches sounds like a great idea


Were especially attracted to the 30% discount for recurring cleanings


Didn't resonate with the 'bundle' idea (either needed examples or were confused).


Scrolled down to the FAQ after viewing the pricing section


Week 3

Wrap up and handoff

Our qualitative findings from both rounds of user tests helped us make final recommendations for future work and strategies to optimize the site.

It’s surprising how much work it is, fun though. I’ve really enjoyed the crew, plus I feel like we are moving in the right direction. All very good.

Greg Norrell

MoreHands CEO

The result: A new, unique way to communicate a traditional service

The Result

At the end of this intensive process, deliverables included:

  • A production-ready site with files ready for development
  • A complete report of the decisions made, solutions tested, and user test findings
  • Strategic recommendations for continuing messaging and design improvements
  • Recommendations for marketing and branding efforts

After a month of working closely with a client on an intensive project like this, it's impossible not to get to know each other really well. Beyond the results of the Design Sprint, we came away with a new relationship and plans to continue working together towards MoreHands' goals.

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